Lovefinity Care+ | Lifetime warranty

Lovefinity Care+ | Lifetime warranty

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A lifetime guarantee for your product

We are confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a guarantee that covers your product for life!

✔︎ With this Warranty, your product is unconditionally guaranteed for life against any damage or wear. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it supposed to be worn on the left hand or the right hand ?

It is supposed to be used in the right hand. Using it in this hand you are using its energy to give luck to the humanity. But you also must have that desire to give your luck to the humanity and without being selfish.

Can you give one to another person?

Yes- It will be the perfect gift to heal , protect your loved ones.

Is it handmade ?

Hand-carved sanskrit mantra beads is a homage to ganesh ,symbol of wisdom.



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